My work is an integral part of our modern world and is a tribute to man-made work, to order and to chaos.
A tribute to movment, constant renewal, grandeur and the search for new potential. A tribute to the achievement of new ways of seeing and not simply looking. My work offers a "window through wich we may discover life".

My work is bound to a form of architecture in wich color is a physical as it is irrational. An architecture in which the bolts, the weldings and the very metal provide the map which guides us from perception to imagination.These man-made creations offer the only possible means of seeing through the confusion.
In the face of the insignifiance of our destiny, my work represents a quest for an emotion which indispensably implicates the spectator as actor and victor over a limitless reality, wich in turn encompasses the eyes of the infinitely large and infinitely small world.

Photo DR